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As a successful Realtor®, there are lots of great reasons why you might want to incorporate your business – like prestige, legal protection and substantial tax savings year on year.

But there’s an awful lot of work involved in opening a brokerage. Applying for a licence, filing paperwork, setting up an office and hiring staff – it can be an ordeal just trying to work out what’s required.

And it’s not just the set up hassles that stop most Realtors® in their tracks. The thought of all the ongoing administration and responsibility is a major worry.

• Do you really want to manage staff and shuffle endless paperwork?
• How will you afford the technology you need to complete with bigger brokerages?
• How will your manage and store all your records?

Realty Point has the solution that’s right for you.

We provide an innovative franchise solution that takes care of all the paperwork. As well as handling all your ongoing administration we give you expert advice and training in FINTRAC and other regulatory requirements and keep you up to date with any changes.

We help you to set up efficient systems and give you access to the cutting edge technology you need to keep everything smoothly – like our comprehensive online software that not only facilitates digital signatures but also makes it possible to email, fax and store online with a click of a button. Whenever you need to refer back to previous transactions, or prepare for an audit, you’ll be able to access your information in a flash – anywhere, anytime.

No fuss, no administration, no hassle, it’s the complete, seamless solution to running your brokerage.

Realty Point. You Sell Real Estate. We Take Care of The Rest.

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