You Can Do Better Than Your Brokerage Boss!

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Are you in “that job”? You know, the one that could run so much better if only you were the boss?

We’ve all been there early in our careers. With a little experience and a lot of energy we can “fix the world” of our youth. As we’ve progressed along the road of life we’ve passed many different personality types with varying degrees of professionalism, job commitment and determination.

Some we learn from, some just make us shake our heads.

Real business strength becomes readily apparent as business challenges rear up and our boss has to make the decision to invest or not, to power ahead or pull up stakes.

Real estate salespeople have seen a lot of transitional change over the past few years with ever more technologies and strategies coming at an increasing pace. Keeping up isn’t a choice you can choose to avoid with so much competition out there for that next listing.

The “personal touch” nature of the business relies not only on commitment but the willingness to continually invest in yourself whether through sales training, learning the latest technologies, deciphering marketing opportunities or just plain old networking.

There are programs of business and personal development, sales training and coaching that are always offered by real estate brokerages. This is the “hook” that convinces a salesperson to join a particular brokerage. The follow-through and quality of these offerings is spotty at best, having discussed this very issue with many real estate salespeople I know.

With the insider’s knowledge of how a brokerage should operate versus the reality of how they do operate, many salespeople chomp at the bit for their broker designation, ready to open their own brokerage and do what their boss could not: build a committed business that fulfills its promises.

Realty Point has been designed to allow the Broker of Record brokerage owner the maximum time for sales and with a strong administrative staff to support them every step of the way.

We’ve brought disruption to how a brokerage operates with many duties of the Broker of Record being reduced to simply signing the paperwork at the end of the month or at transaction closing.

We minimize the day-to-day routine management tasks that the broker of record is otherwise overwhelmed with and undercompensated for.

You know you can be a better brokerage owner and Realty Point provides that platform to make it happen.

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