Real Estate Teams: Why put your keys of success in someone else’s pocket?

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Running a successful real estate business on your own is hard. When you have to handle every deal yourself you can end up missing out on great business opportunities just because you don’t have the time to pursue them. When the time comes to start hiring people to work with you, you take your business to the next level. You can leverage their knowledge and relationships to rapidly grow both your reputation and your profits.

But if you’re working under the umbrella of one of the big brokerages, every deal you do adds to their prestige, not your own. When you’re ready to take on a team, shouldn’t you be building your own brand, too? Wouldn’t you rather be growing the value and reputation of your own business, not someone else’s?

And there’s another reason why it’s important to incorporate your business once you start hiring staff. The Ontario real estate industry is regulated heavily for a good reason, and as a self-employed Realtor® there are strict regulations about the commissions you can disburse to your employees. Incorporating your business gives you far more flexibility about how you share profits, making it much easier to reward and incentivise your team.

But the hassle and costs involved in setting up a brokerage are enough to make many successful Realtors® hesitate.

• The process of incorporating is so confusing, where do you even start?
• With no one to share the costs, will you be able to afford all the office space and facilities you need for your team?
• You’re so busy managing your team and selling real estate – how will you have time for all the administration involved in running a brokerage?

Realty Point provides the systems and services you need.

Our primary mandate is to help busy real estate professionals set up and manage a successful brokerage. We make the process totally seamless, by taking care of all the administration involved in incorporating and running your business – so you can get on with growing your business and looking after your team.

We provide you fully furnished offices and all the facilities you need, including cutting edge technology and a skilled team of support staff, for a fixed low cost, so running your brokerage becomes totally affordable. And with extra space available whenever you need it, your Realty Point office will grow with your business.

Realty Point. You Sell Real Estate. We Take Care of The Rest.

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