Is Owning a Real Estate Brokerage Financially Feasible?

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As a successful Realtor®, there are many great reasons to set up your own brokerage – like prestige, legal protection and tax savings of over $50k per year.

But a brokerage doesn’t come cheap. Even the set up costs, like equipment, furniture, and infrastructure, can be a major stumbling block, although the regular tax savings make this initial outlay worthwhile.

The bigger worry for most aspiring real estate brokers is the thought of all the ongoing expenses. Like any other business, there’s a lot of overhead costs that just can’t be avoided, and the fear of those costs is enough to stop many Realtors® in their tracks.

• How much will it cost to have your own office, staff and facilities?
• Will you end up spending more in expenses than you’ll save in taxes?
• How will you afford the technology you need to complete with bigger brokerages?

The Realty Point franchise solution is the answer.

We provide an innovative franchise solution that takes care of all those worries. Our simple, fixed cost fee structure gives you total peace of mind and makes it easy and affordable to run your own brokerage. Here’s how it works.

1. 5-year franchise fee of just $5,000, covering initial set up and training.
2. Low fixed monthly fee of $500, covering all facilities and infrastructure.
3. Per transaction charge of $500, covering ongoing administrative support.

We provide smart private offices and access to everything you need to run your business: expert training, skilled support staff, fully equipped meeting rooms and state-of-the-art facilities.

We give you access to cutting-edge systems and mobile technology that let you close deals electronically and keep ahead of your competitors.

And we take care of all the administration involved in running your brokerage, so you can get on with what you do best.

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