Want To Cut Your Income Taxes in Half?

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As a self-employed Realtor®, you pay tax at the marginal rate for individuals. As soon as your earnings hit $136,270 in any one year, you pay between 46.4% and 49.5% tax – that’s almost HALF of every additional dollar you earn going straight to the government.

That means that the harder you work and the more successful you are, the more taxes you pay.

When you incorporate your business you’ll pay a flat 15.5% tax on your real estate net earnings, up to $500k. And as a corporation you’ll also have access to other valuable tax planning strategies that can save you even more money.

Of course, the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) won’t allow you to incorporate your business unless you set up a brokerage. And the thought of all the cost and hassle involved is enough to stop many Realtors® in their tracks.

• Can you really afford your own office, staff and facilities?
• Will you end up spending more in expenses than you’ll save in taxes?
• With all the demands of running an office, will you ever have time to sell any real estate?

Realty Point has the answer for you.

We provide an innovative franchise solution that takes care of all those worries. We guide you every step of the way as you set up your own brokerage and provide you with everything you need to run it – smart private offices, skilled staff and state-of-the-art facilities – for a low fixed cost.

And once you’re up and running we take care of all the administration, so you’re free to keep on building your business, with none of the hassle.

With a Realty Point franchise, owning your own brokerage becomes totally affordable. Which means those great tax savings are finally in your reach.

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