The Warren Buffett Model For Your Real Estate Business

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Have you considered the Warren Buffett model for your real estate brokerage business?

Mr. Buffett is renowned for smart investments, he “buys the business” rather than just considering his stock purchases as an investment.

Generally he finds value within a company and hires the right managers to continue allowing the business to be run effectively and efficiently with an eye on growing the bottom line.

Realty Point also looks at their franchisees as business people with specific skills that have brought them the success they have.

By providing a comprehensive suite of brokerage services and office space Realty Point takes care of the usual complaints and objections about running a real estate brokerage.

By definition real estate brokers that are ready to open their own brokerage are very successful at sales. As they move their career forward into brokerage ownership the required paperwork skills and accounting knowledge becomes an anchor around their necks, draining them of time and energy to keep their sales volume at previous levels.

If their knowledge of these aspects of the business aren’t easy for them to handle satisfactorily, hiring additional staff to handle these issues becomes a cost factor that stops the idea of opening a brokerage in its tracks.

Enter Realty Point with a brokerage franchise model that includes the staff, support and services required to allow the Broker of Record owner the freedom to continue to grow their sales without the drain of energy that continual paperwork, industry research, compliance updates, trust account management and staff issues can have.

Realty Point franchisees have an experienced and dedicated administrative staff handling the regular duties that brokers can rely on to handle the day-to-day operation of their brokerage.

Our executive team has many years’ experience running a successful brokerage and have in place a system for keeping the franchisee up-to-date with regulatory compliance rules, proper management of trust accounts and many other aspects that are required to run a successful business. We have distilled many of the operating requirements for the Broker of Record to simply “sign” and know that regulatory compliance is in order, trust accounts are managed and salespeople are paid in a timely manner.

Realty Point also provides to franchisees furnished office space that is available in three Greater Toronto Area locations, enhancing the “no territory limit” aspect for their business’s growth potential. And with a flat-fee franchise structure the costs of running the brokerage franchise is under control and easily affordable.

Realty Point is changing the way brokers look at opening their own brokerage. When you’re ready to talk about taking the step of ownership for your real estate career talk to us first.

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