The Transformation of Real Estate Sales Professionals

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Real estate sales is a career like no other. The real potential for income and success relies on your attitude and perseverance.

The steps you must take to move your career through the stages of novice to knowledgeable, although rather straightforward, are full of traps that can frustrate even the most hardened salesperson.

Once you become a licensed real estate salesperson you begin with networking, letting family and friends know that you’re now a real estate professional, ready to jump through hoops for their business.

Postcards are sent out, phone calls made, emails sent. Community involvement and business networking gains in importance.

Slowly your contacts will bring clients to you, buyers and sellers, then the real effort begins. Finding the ideal property for picky buyers and negotiating pricing and marketing options for anxious sellers.

You quickly realize not every buyer buys and not every seller sells. Frustration sets in.

The prospecting for clients is continuous and the training you need to market your business, and the properties you list, becomes of paramount importance as you fine-tune your skill set to better serve your clients.

As you develop your renewed marketing plan you seek out under-served niches to specialize in, and you continue to reach out to those that are interested in the specialized services you intend to offer.

Your marketing efforts expand to the online world. You establish a website and a variety of social media channels to be “everywhere” but quickly realize there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the task list you have created for yourself.

Working for yourself is hard work and establishing your business, as you attempt to follow how other successful real estate individuals do it, becomes a herculean task full of various expenses and time-wasting efforts that don’t always produce the desired results.

Then you are invited to a “team meeting” that a colleague is holding. You look at the team model and find that by collaborating with a team that is dedicated to great customer service, that is also ready to work hard, and who want to specialize to work more efficiently, is the right path to take for your business.

The team is created and you take on the responsibilities that you are most effective at, whether as a listing agent, buyer specialist, marketing wizard, broker training and coaching, or any of the other possible specialist positions that your need needs.

At the beginning of your career, you were a one-person machine with all the responsibilities in your lap and no time to efficiently move your business forward.

Now, as part of a team, you have the time to efficiently provide the customer service you always wanted to be able to provide for your clients. The added bonus of having team members to rely upon to handle specific areas of marketing, client retention, referral building, transaction issues and more, grows your business as you always wanted it to.

Your task list has not grown shorter but it has become more manageable simply because you are not trying to accomplish everything needed to be done by yourself.

Success as a team member brings more rewards and greater satisfaction than you initially thought possible.

Welcome to your future with the new model of real estate sales.