Take Charge of your Destiny!

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Running a successful real estate business is difficult. You’ve worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to reach the level of success you have. But if you’re working under the umbrella of one of the big brokerages, every deal you do adds to their prestige, not your own. Wouldn’t you rather be growing the value and reputation of your own business, instead of someone else’s? Then why put its keys in their pocket?

Many Realtors® dream of setting up their own brokerage and building a brand they can be proud of. The title “Broker of Record” is one of the most prestigious designations in the real estate industry and most clients would much prefer to deal with a brokerage’s broker of record than with one of its agents. When you set up in your own name, the prestige and the reputation you build for yourself will bring you the higher quality of clients that you want and deserve.

And at the end of the day, let’s face it, a corporate entity just looks better. People will think you’re far more savvy if you’re John Smith Realty Point Inc, instead of plain old John Smith the Realtor®.

At Realty Point we offer an innovative franchise solution that puts the keys to your success in your own pocket – and brings you the prestige and clients your hard work deserves.

Realty Point. You Sell Real Estate. We Take Care of The Rest.