Is Your LinkedIn® Profile RECO and REBBA 2002 Compliant?

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The use of LinkedIn® by real estate professionals and brokerages is quickly growing as a network for professionals to stay abreast of developments in the local real estate industry. It’s important to be aware that the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 (REBBA 2002) have regulations that guide how real estate professionals are permitted to use social media to promote their business and the type of disclosures that are required to ensure that social media use is in compliance by all registered real estate professionals in Ontario.

“LinkedIn® is a growing platform for real estate sales professionals and brokerages to connect to their industry peers,” says Robert Lee, Information Manager at Realty Point Inc., “and accordingly their use of social media channels are regulated by REBBA 2002 legislation and RECO advertising guidelines insofar as disclosure of a registered real estate professional’s status is clearly indicated.”

“In 2015 we fully expect RECO inspections to more fully look at how individual brokerages, brokers, and salespeople use social media and that the required information is present according to currently available guidelines” Mr. Lee continued.

Robert added, “Many real estate professionals seem to be unaware of how social media, including LinkedIn®, falls under RECO and the REBBA 2002 Act as an avenue of business promotion that is regulated and part of our focus is to raise awareness and be a helpful resource in our industry”.

Now available is our free downloadable guide, in PDF format, to help you understand your obligations as you add LinkedIn® to the social media channels you use to network with your professional connections and engage with your current and future clients. We have also included a section about “LinkedIn® best practices” for you to follow if you are new to LinkedIn® and would like advice on using this network effectively.

Is Your LinkedIn® Profile RECO and REBBA 2002 Compliant?

This guide contains the following sections:

What is LinkedIn®?
LinkedIn® Mission Statement
LinkedIn® for Real Estate Brokers
Best Practices
Getting Started With LinkedIn®
LinkedIn® Profiles
Creating a Compliant LinkedIn® Profile
LinkedIn® Company Pages
LinkedIn® Groups
Tips About LinkedIn®
Important clarifications when using descriptive phrasing
About Realty Point Inc
Web Links

This is a free download and you are free to share it with others.

RECO has provided its own guide for real estate brokers to follow which you can access at the RECO website.


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