Is Your Facebook Profile RECO and REBBA 2002 Compliant?

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The use of Facebook by real estate professionals and brokerages has exploded recently. It’s important to be aware that RECO and REBBA 2002 have regulations that guide how real estate professionals are permitted to use social media to promote their business, and the type of disclosures that are required to ensure that social media use is in compliance by all.

As a Real Estate Professional in Ontario registered by RECO it’s your obligation to use Facebook (and all social media channels) according to the regulations as they are set out and to ensure your compliance accordingly.

We have created this free downloadable guide, in PDF format, to help you understand your obligations as you add Facebook to the social media channels you use to engage your current and future clients. We have also included a section about “Facebook best practices” for you to follow if you are new to Facebook and would like advice on using Facebook effectively.

Is Your Facebook Profile RECO and REBBA 2002 Compliant?

This guide contains the following sections:

What is Facebook?
Facebook’s Mission Statement
Facebook for Real Estate Brokers
Best Practices
Getting Started With Facebook
Facebook Profiles
Creating a Compliant Facebook Profile
Facebook Pages
Facebook Groups
Tips About Facebook
Important clarifications when using descriptive phrasing
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This is a free download and you are free to share it with others. You can also embed this document on your website or blog using Scribd.

RECO has provided their own guide for real estate brokers to follow which you can access at the RECO website.