Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Three Rs of the Real Estate Business

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Are you an effective time manager? How about having the ability of using the tools at your disposal to their best effectiveness? Can you determine that your efforts are not being wasted, that your ROI is meeting your expectations?

Setting your goals, implementing the strategies and tracking results is of the utmost importance for your real estate business.

Real estate professionals have an ever growing arsenal of marketing tools and strategies to implement. But they can quickly become nothing more than a huge black hole of wasted time and expense if you don’t have a proper plan in place to track your results.

Setting goals and diligently working towards them are the foundation of planning your success. You’ll be faced with a myriad option list of marketing methods to test, of contacts to make and follow-ups to complete. Your time will be spent on successful and unsuccessful efforts alike and you’ll need to be able to figure out what actually qualifies as a success as you hope to move closer towards your goals.


After you’ve set your goals the next step is choosing the shortest path to get you there. The problem, of course, becomes the selection of the tools you’ll need. How do you find what works and, more importantly, what will work best for you?

Certainly you’ll turn to Google and begin your research. After being overwhelmed with all the options, and spending a lot of time looking at a lot of programs, you’ll stop and reconsider your goal and maybe fine tune a couple of its fundamentals.

You will likely ask your peers in the real estate industry what they use and how effective is it? After considering the cost involved, the time spent learning and the process of implementation, you’re ready to get started.

Realty Point can reduce this effort for you with a one-on-one meeting with our executive team. Our experience is ready to be shared with our franchisees and we can help you to determine the best tools to start you on the road to the success you are aiming for with your real estate brokerage.


How much of your strategies are based on a “single use” effort? Can you reuse the techniques you’ve learned to help shorten the time from idea to implementation?

With a larger understanding of real estate marketing, online and in the real world, and how these efforts can be combined, the executive team at Realty Point has the years of experience that can be the support framework you need to plan your marketing efforts effectively and design your sales materials and strategies to be able to be reused, saving you the time and cost of duplicating past efforts and expenses.

Identifying success is easy when you have the results in your hand. Understanding when a particular strategy is about to pay off and deciding not to cancel it even if current results are unsatisfactory, is something only someone with experience can help you with. Realty Point’s executive team has the knowledge and is our franchisee’s sounding board to think through the strategies they are testing and to position their efforts in ways that their goals are achievable with limited wasted effort.


The key to long-term success is the ability to “do it again” especially when the strategy needs a little fine-tuning for better results. Recycling your efforts through different channels and networks is as important as being able to reuse the sales materials you’ve created to minimize expenses.

Our executive team can help you plan your repeatable strategies for the highest payoff. As experienced real estate professionals they’ve created a plan for repeatable success that you will learn to implement and create the foundation of success your brokerage needs to grow into the successful business venture you first envisioned.

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