Redefining the One-Man Real Estate Brokerage

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Revealing how the opportunity of real estate brokerage ownership has shifted to the achievable through the Realty Point® franchisor’s vision and experience.

The Usual Paths to Brokerage Ownership

The independent “boutique brokerage” is the first option many choose to establish themselves as brokerage owners.
No restrictions on the territory of operation, freedom to craft and grow the brokerage as you see fit, coupled with no franchisee fees, a boutique brokerage can be an attractive and generally low-cost business path.

Many boutique brokerages open as a small brokerage, with just a couple of staff (if any besides the Broker of Record) and to minimize expenses many are operated from a home office. The Broker of Record is often the sole administrative staff member until revenues allow the hiring of part-time or full-time staff. It is not unusual for them to become overwhelmed with administrative work. It’s also not uncommon for a husband and wife team to operate the office together.

The downfall to this choice is that there is considerable expense to expand and, outside of a dramatic uptick in revenues, it’s hard to hire the staff required to provide the foundation of expansion. Personal time may also suffer as most real estate people are on call 24/7.

The franchise brokerage option is usually a more expensive choice that has certain benefits to start-up the brokerage quickly. A recognized brand name and marketing materials often round out the offerings, alongside the training it takes to operate the brokerage within franchise obligations.

While the limitations vary by according to the available opportunities of the franchisor, the support structure is sometimes minimal and many franchise owners operate on their own, with the only benefit being the brand name they pay for.

The Exceptional Opportunity for Brokerage Ownership Now Available

Realty Point® franchise brokerages bring together the best of the boutique brokerage and franchise options in one elegant low-cost package.

Beginning with a “Your Name First” brokerage business name and providing the experienced staff to push through the paperwork to register your brokerage, the process of opening a brokerage has been reduced to signing a few forms and waiting for the registrar’s approval.

The “office space” search has been eliminated with Realty Point’s five furnished “shared resource” office locations that allow you to operate your brokerage conveniently throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Even the office equipment and furnishings expense has been eliminated from the start-up costs.

The administrative headaches and often overwhelming amounts of paperwork, monthly reconciliations, phone answering and even admin staff hiring and training has been dramatically reduced through the “business centre” model that drives each brokerage operation in the franchise. A Deal Secretary, a receptionist, and experienced brokerage owner’s support and mentoring are just part of the team that provide the day-to-day support a franchisee needs to have a competitive advantage from Day One.

Realty Point® also holds regularly scheduled “new agent” training seminars for their franchisee brokerages. This allows new recruits to get up-to-speed quickly with the tools, resources and technology they will use every day without the brokerage owner having to divide their time between admin work and sales as their brokerage grows.

Brokerage Ownership: Is It Right For You?

The advantages of brokerage ownership are many. From tax savings to the prestige of ownership, owning your own business is the goal for all entrepreneurs. To find out if brokerage ownership is right for you, discuss its many advantages and obligations with a knowledgeable real estate professional, lawyer or accountant.

You can also contact us, confidentially and with no obligation, and we can show you how much opportunity awaits for you as a Realty Point franchisee.