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The homes now dominating top-tier markets
$4 million-plus properties are in such high demand in Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), they now represent the fastest growing sector in both cities’ housing markets.

Analysts: Chain reaction of increases in bank-funded mortgage rates possible
Experts said that the mortgage rate hikes effective this week, spurred in part by a beleaguered economy and a struggling petro-currency, would entail greater expense on the part of the banks.

Chinese controls on capital could affect Canadian property: Don Pittis
The Shanghai correspondent for the Financial Times, Gabriel Wildau, reported that China is moving to step up capital controls in an effort to stem the flood of cash out of the country.

Toronto condo market to remain vibrant in 2016
Factors such as low vacancy rates and an extremely dynamic market shield the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from the shockwaves of the global oil crashes

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