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Court decision expands risks of disclosure with seller property information statement
A SPIS is a standard form document that was drafted by the Ontario Real Estate Association. It will contain information relating to defects, renovations and other pertinent property information based on the seller’s knowledge and experience. A vendor is not obligated to complete a SPIS and if the vendor elects to do so they open themselves up to significant legal risks.

Record number of GTA homes sold in October 2015
More than 8,800 homes were sold last month, breaking the record for home sales in the month of October.

Canada consumer confidence hits one-year high on economy outlook
The Bloomberg Nanos Consumer Confidence Index rose to 58.3, the highest since October 2014, driven by gains in both the personal finance and economy outlook sub-indexes.

Canada’s housing market faces a looming demographic bubble
As Canadians have seen, predicting the future of the property market is hardly an exact science. Warnings of doom have been coming out of banks, international organizations and the financial media ever since the U.S. property market peaked in 2006 and began to crash over the next several years.

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