Real Estate Brokerage Franchise Opportunities

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Aspiring real estate sales professionals very quickly hit a government imposed glass ceiling.

Unlike other self-employed professionals in Ontario, real estate salespeople cannot legally incorporate their business without becoming the “Broker of Record” and opening their own brokerage.

This legislated restriction removes the various tax advantages of incorporation from the reach of many realtors that would otherwise enjoy significant savings in the taxes they pay.

The only legal option is to open their own real estate brokerage.

Of course, this course of action opens a whole new can of worms, as anyone going into business can attest to.

Realty Point is the brokerage franchise opportunity that eliminates as much of the day-to-day operating administration as possible so that our broker-owners can continue to do what they do best, sell houses, while our experienced staff provides the office support needed to run an efficient and profitable real estate brokerage.

Realty Point Brokerage Franchise

Power of establishing and marketing your own brand

Experienced real estate industry professionals


Office space, furnishings, equipment

Events, conferences, recognition

No territory limits

Greater Toronto network locations

Start-up expertise

Ongoing one-on-one support

Day-to-day operations management

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