Lifestyle Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Clients

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Creating an environment of open communication with your clients is the only way to showcase your professionalism and demonstrate that you have their best interests at heart.

Many brokers tend to rush through the process and not ask the questions that will help to better understand the motivation of their client and do them a disservice by not understanding what they need, what they expect and the best path to reach their goal.

At the beginning of the realtor-client relationship, in order to build trust, you need to ask the questions that will help you to discover the goals your client has, putting aside the immediate requirements of price.

By knowing your clients and identifying where they are in their life you will be able to exceed their expectations while showcasing your expertise.

The Right Lifestyle Questions to Ask

By asking these initial questions you will help your client to put into words, and bypass some of the emotional elements, of their needs and wants.

  • Why are you moving to?
  • What changed to bring about this move?
    • Upsizing
    • Downsizing
    • Growing/change in family/pets
    • Change in jobs
  • When do you want to move by?
  • How flexible is your moving date?
    • Moving date or timeline for a completed transaction
  • What do you want to be available in your new neighbourhood?
  • What do you like, not like, in your current neighbourhood?
    • Local services
    • Schools
    • Shopping
    • Public transportation
  • What would you change in your current home to make it more livable?
  • What would change your mind about moving?
  • What type of house do you want?
    • Renovations
    • Landscaping
    • Neighbours
    • Local services
  • If interest rates rose by 2% and your mortgage rose by $300 a month, would your current/future home still be affordable for you?

There are many more questions that you will be able to ask based on the answers you were provided by your client so far and I encourage you to ask them.

Your client, by virtue of contacting you, has opened the door to hiring you for your experience and knowledge, it’s your job to walk through that door.