Is your Real Estate Practice Protected?

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You’ve built a successful business by being a great salesperson. It’s time to take that business to the next level and set up the brokerage that will bring you prestige, autonomy and massive tax savings; especially from legal perspective, incorporating adds another layer of protection to your business.

When operating a business from within an incorporated company, you generally enjoy the benefit of limited liability from your creditors. Should your business face an unfortunate circumstance, creditors can target only the assets of the incorporated company, thus your personal assets are never exposed.

Liability protection is generally the main non-tax reason to incorporate and one of the greatest motivators for incorporations to take place. While an individual Realtor, in a general, has unlimited liability, shareholders of a corporation would have no such risk. Without the protection of limited liability, most entrepreneurs would not even consider going into business with such high risks.

An additional reason to incorporate your real estate business is to allow for partnerships. It’s very easy to have a real estate corporation with multiple partners. In this particular case each partner would become a shareholder in the corporation and you could have as many shareholders as you require.

It’s also easy to remove existing partners or shareholders by having the corporation repurchase their shares or by buying back their shares. Also, you could add new partners by issuing new shares from the corporation or selling shares to the partner. This way you can get additional capital for your corporation.

But the thought of managing your own brokerage can be daunting.

One of the main reasons people hesitate to set up a brokerage is fear of the ongoing costs and hassles. For a small brokerage the expense of hiring staff and managing an office may just not be feasible, and worry over unexpected bills can cause an agony of sleepless nights.

At Realty Point we take all that worry away. Our simple, fixed cost fee structure gives you total peace of mind and makes it easy and affordable to run your own brokerage.

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