How to Talk About Yourself as Your Build Your Personal Branding

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Show It, Don’t Shout It

Building your personal brand is, to a degree, about your accomplishments. But it’s important that you are effective in illustrating the “why” you received such recognition and not merely the fact that you did.

Creating a story about how you received the recognition for your accomplishment is much more effective, and presents much better, than simply shouting out that you won this or that.

Awards are great, don’t get me wrong, and the recognition for a job well done feels great too, but it’s the story of how you did what you did is what will interest people.

Showcasing your achievements is a basic element of building your personal brand but if it’s not received by your audience properly you will turn your efforts of trying to create admiration into jealousy, or worse, disinterest.


Don’t Mask It

Do not twist the true content of your message into “humblebragging” that will turn a positive experience into a negative emotion by the people seeing the message.

An example would be posting a picture with the caption “It’s a great day for a drive” while standing beside your Jaguar. Focus the message, don’t allow your message to hide its meaning behind something else. Honest bragging is better received than deceptive bragging.

“I sold a house for 15% over asking” instead should be “A house I sold went for 15% over asking”. Do you see the difference?


Let Others Do It For You

It’s about the experience and satisfaction that others have for your work that makes or breaks your personal branding efforts.

Bragging about yourself isn’t inherently bad but it’s a poor choice for your personal branding efforts. But, when you provide the best service and achieve the best results, you can weave a story that others will be very happy to share on your behalf.

Ask for a testimonial and go beyond the words. Record a ten second video with your clients expressing gratitude for you finding them their dream home, or a photo of them putting the sold sign on the for sale sign.

We’ve moved beyond accepting online words at face value so you need to be creative to reach that emotional acceptance of what you say about yourself.