How to Do a Great Listing Presentation

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Your listing presentation, whether it takes place in your office or at the client’s property, is the one opportunity you have to list the home. Follow these suggestions to make your presentation a success.


Build Rapport

Ask the seller about their interests, after seeing visual clues in their home, such as pets, magazines, memorabilia, etc. Some informed small talk makes the meeting a little more comfortable and a client at ease with you is more likely to list with you.

Some basic social media research may help you here.


Ask Questions

Find out their motivations of selling their property so you can tailor your discussion about your marketing and to reinforce that their best interests are what is most important to you.

It’s OK to have a prepared list of questions to ensure you don’t forget to ask something important.

Which leads us to….


Take Notes

Don’t leave the discussion to memory. Write things down to lessen the odds of confusion about what was said later on.

It will help you to plan the steps needed for your marketing as well as any pre-sale preparations the client needs to complete.


Write Down Concerns

No property is perfect and getting top dollar is at the forefront of the reason for the sale. Write down your recommendations and maybe present the list at a later time to the client. Be certain you don’t miss anything and that you know what the client’s budget is for any renovations you recommend.

Respond directly to your client’s concerns about the selling process. They will want to know about recent sales in the area, how long it took to sell various properties, and, of course, how long it will take to sell their property.


Listen to Them Talk

Don’t just discuss their objections and try to solve them on the spot, write them down too. Sure, you’re prepared with answers (after all you’re an experiences realtor) but putting them in black and white emphasizes the fact that you want to get to the heart of the matter and don’t want to make any omissions.

What type of language do they use? How do they express themselves? Encourage them to talk by asking open ended questions so you gain a fuller picture of what their pain is and how you can provide the solution they seek.

The more they talk the greater insight you will have about the property, their lifestyle and why they are ready for this change.

Ask for more information and clarification about what the client says to you. Ask for them to give you examples that illustrate their concerns and desires.


Final Word

The listing presentation is the most important client interaction you will have to become a successful real estate agent. Putting their interests ahead of yours, fully understanding the client’s motivations and having reasonable answers to their objections are part and parcel of your job, so be prepared to put forth the effort.