Five Crucial Reasons To Incorporate Your Real Estate Business

Most self-employed professionals have had years of benefit from tax strategies and creditor protection. It’s time for Realtors® to have them too!

You put your savings on the line with every deal you make.
If a transaction goes bad, you get a bill you can’t pay, or someone brings a lawsuit against your business, you could lose everything you own. Incorporating will protect you by separating your business from your personal assets.

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Owning a corporation will let you keep much more of the money you work so hard to earn.
It’ll significantly cut your tax rate on your real estate earnings and open up powerful tax planning options like income splitting and tax deferral.
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Let’s face it, a corporate entity is a lot more prestigious than a personal business.
The fact is, you’ll earn far more respect and status as the proprietor of “John Smith Realty Point, Brokerage” than as plain old “John Smith the Realtor®”.
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Unless you save hard now, retirement could be tough for you and your family.
The tax savings you’ll make when you incorporate your business will let you accumulate wealth much more quickly, so you can live life in comfort and leave a legacy for the ones you love.
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Right now your business is just a source of income.
The moment you stop working it will become worthless. When you incorporate you’ll transform it into a valuable asset, a marketable entity you can sell whenever you’re ready to move on.
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