Creating Great Content for Your Real Estate Website, Blog and Social Media

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It’s hard to write original content regularly to publish to your website, post to your blog and share on social media. I know that I have some inspired writing days and days of challenging writer’s block. On those days wherever I look it seems like it’s been written before and by someone better versed in getting their words out.

But there is a difference between creating and consuming content (you don’t necessarily write what you read) and this doesn’t have to be the reason why you should fear publishing something unique and interesting.

Whether you are writing articles for your business or your personal website a good place to start your content idea search is in the “hyper-local” category. Hyper-local is all about what is happening in your neighbourhood and local area. The places where you live and work are alive with the stories and events of thousands of people and people that live and work in your area want to be informed about them.

A big plus to writing local is that you reach the people nearest to you, which can have great relevance on search engine results and local content is often shared by bigger websites and social channels.

Tips for writing great content that readers will appreciate

  • Write for yourself
    Put those thoughts down and follow where they lead you
  • Speak to your reader
    Offer insights from your experiences
  • As you understand things so should you write
    It’s great to be an expert in your field but even without those credentials you should write about topics that you hold dear and want to share
  • Write about the smaller, more intimate events of your hyper-local area
    The content you write does not have to be all-encompassing, more people are looking for what impacts them directly rather than something written for the average mass audience

Just as you live in and write about the world around you, many others will want the information you know so they too can be informed. Your views, while you may feel they are unique to you, can be a common interest between you and your audience. But you’ll never know until you write them down and share them.

Home is where the heart is and it’s also where the story starts.

Additional Tips for Ontario Realtors®

Realty Point has created social media guides that can help you to create and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages and profiles to be RECO compliant as any use of social media by RECO registrants is considered advertising if your profile provides any information to your real estate profession including links to your salesperson/broker/brokerage pages and websites.
You can download these free social media guides here.