Create “Social Proof” of Your Value as a Realtor

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Every real estate broker, at some point in their career, is asked to explain the value they bring to the table concerning the commission they charge.

Your experience, knowledge of the neighbourhood and recent sales information and home valuations provide some of the answers but it’s still a difficult position to be in when you have to explain your value as a realtor.

Of course, there is a better way to show your clients that you are the right person to have to represent their interests and it’s a simple process to prove your value while the clients are still looking for a realtor to represent them.

Being able to showcase and illustrate your value as a realtor you help to build your client’s confidence in your abilities and provide them with reasons to drive referrals that will build your business. There are no surprises about what a client relies on you for, from before the sale to after the move-in. By being knowledgeable and helpful well beyond the home sale and into the homeownership stage of your client’s life, you’ll help them in ways that many realtors abandon to others. This difference in attitude and ability can pay forward many times over and will build a network of satisfied clients that will enhance your reputation and help you increase your business while others chase leads.

Your “Social Proof” Tool Chest

Website – Take your website beyond listings and mortgage calculators and include details about each neighbourhood in the areas you operate. Potential buyers want to know about schools, community centres, transit, shopping. Sellers want to know that you’re up to speed on the particular characteristics of the neighbourhood and what makes it a great place to live. Everything that makes a neighbourhood a great place to call home should be easily accessible on your website.

Social Media – Go beyond connecting with past and future clients and use social media to stay in touch with local businesses and community services. This will keep you steps ahead of neighbourhood changes and offerings, events and changes to the availability of services and shopping. It will take some initial work connecting your profile to these businesses and organizations but afterwards, the information will be available to you with just a click.

Neighbourhood Businesses and Services – Do you know your local fashion stores from the bargain shops? Your clients want to know what specialities are available within a few kilometres of their home so you should be prepared with that information. Can you recommend a great place for a “mani-pedi” or a quiet dinner out? While it’s fair to say that many owners will want to explore their new neighbourhoods, by offering advice on where to find what they’re looking for your expertise of the area will shine through and greatly enhance your value beyond a commission amount.

Repairmen Recommendations – We all know that the cost of homeownership goes well beyond a down payment and mortgage. A house is a continuing investment of repairs and upgrades and by being able to recommend trustworthy tradespeople to your clients you’ll extend the reasons why past clients want to talk with you and you’ll build trust with future clients with your knowledge and helpfulness whatever the repair predicament.


By creating a “hub of information” you gain credibility of your abilities and build a network of clients that depend on your knowledge.

As you increase your neighbourhood knowledge you can share that information on your website, across social media, in email newsletters and as promotional material you send to past and future clients.

You need to be more than just a salesperson to build your network and provide the social proof of your value as a realtor.

Additional Tips for Ontario Realtors®

Realty Point has created social media guides that can help you to create and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages and profiles to be RECO compliant as any use of social media by RECO registrants is considered advertising if your profile provides any information to your real estate profession including links to your salesperson/broker/brokerage pages and websites.
You can download these free social media guides here.