Building Your Brand: The Brokerage Name Conflict

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Real estate sales is a business like no other. Real estate brokers help people with what is usually the largest purchase in their lives and with careful consideration navigates their client through the hurdles of home ownership with dedication and intimate knowledge of the market.

Business success depends on their ability to differentiate themselves through their marketing efforts to stand out from the few brands and many agents that real estate brokerage franchises represent.

Traditional Brokerage Model
While the major brands are easily identifiable the person producing the sales is in a secondary position to the branding process. The parent company name and branding is always first which detracts from the individual effort required for the successful growth of the salespeople. Market recognition and reputation is inevitably tied to the parent company regardless of the “independently owned and operated” declaration.

This is the primary reason we have identified that leads to top producers taking the next logical step and opening an independent brokerage office (IBO).

The IBO brokerage model offers a personal brand and marketing identity for a broker that is ready to branch out under their own shingle.

However the ongoing costs of office space, administrative involvement and the time required to maintain the regulatory compliance records, trust accounts and other regulatory issues tends to keep top producers from actually transitioning from sales to ownership.

Realty Point offers the only viable option that answers all of these considerations.

New Brokerage Model
The Realty Point brokerage naming convention is setup for the independent brokerage name to be positioned first, providing for “Your Name Realty Point Brokerage” instead of “Realty Point Your Name Brokerage” which is a significant departure from the traditional naming formula provided by the major brands for their franchisees and sub-brokerages.

Shared administration services and office space are also a primary feature of the Realty Point franchise model which allows for a significant reduction of start-up investment and reduced ongoing costs that is not generally available with any other brokerage ownership model.

Personalized Services and Office Space
Services and office space are offered under the “Your Name Realty Point Brokerage” model allowing for personalization of your business identity similar to the IBO model. Phones are answered in your brokerage name and other administrative services are performed as if the Realty Point staff were individually employed by your brokerage, all acting under a strict confidentiality agreement.

Financial Advantages
Independent brokerage office owners that are franchisees of Realty Point also have a financial advantage over the “go it alone” brokerage model.

The franchise agreement allows for Realty Point to handle the administrative management of the brokerage office as well as providing for private office space, reception and phone services in your name, trust account oversight and more. This model of shared services provides significant operational cost savings over the traditional IBO.

Promote Yourself
When you decide to give yourself a promotion from employee to owner we encourage you to contact us to fully discuss your options and decide which brokerage model is right for you.

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