Brokerage Ownership is a Marker of Success

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Every career that is worthwhile to invest your time and energy into comes with an entry level position and culminates with a pinnacle of achievement and the real estate industry is no different.

While some may argue that the entry point to start as a real estate salesperson is low, the effort and self-confidence required for someone to be self-employed with no guaranteed paycheck, and with immediate expenses due, is the first barrier to overcome when choosing real estate as your career.

Akin to used car salesmen, consumers often lump all real estate salespeople together under an unfortunate stereotype of incompetence and greed that does not apply to most. The sheer force of will required to get up in the morning and face the unknown every day and not knowing if you will earn a paycheck today, is beyond the understanding of those that are not self-employed.

As a real estate salesperson you rely upon personal and client connections, and intense neighbourhood marketing, to stand out in a crowded field and the time and financial cost of your efforts can be overwhelming. You are on call 24/7, on the road and rarely in the office most days and if you’re not actively promoting yourself consistently you’re losing out on meeting that next client and closing that next deal.

In real estate it is very hard to differentiate yourself from the next salesperson. Your exceptional work ethic is often over-shadowed by the indistinguishable title of “salesperson”. The major brokerage names do not help to set you apart from others or above the non-producers without the herculean effort you must put forth on your own.

Should you survive the first two years (and many do not) you then have the option to continue with your real estate education and take the “real estate broker course” which moves you to the next level in the industry.

By working hard and improving yourself to be a “real estate broker” instead of simply a “real estate salesperson” you will have taken the first step towards improving your lot in life.

At this stage you will have learned what it takes to be a brokerage owner, even if it’s still too early in your career to take that step and you are not ready to commit to the additional time, effort and expense to be the “Broker of Record”.

Brokerage ownership is not for everyone that is for sure. There are employers and employees, owners and staff, everywhere. Most people are comfortable where they are and remain “un-entrepreneurial”.

Those that choose to set their own course do become business owners. They understand the risks and rewards better than most and evaluate how to ensure they can profit at what they do best.

Real estate brokers that want to prove themselves to clients and peers will take the path that is least chosen and step into the position of business ownership by opening their own brokerage.

How much more pleasing it is to introduce yourself with “Broker of Record, I own my own brokerage” than by saying “I work at so-and-so brokerage” or “I’m in real estate sales”.

The marker of success is when you reach the peak, whether it is Mount Everest or being the Broker of Record of your own brokerage business.

You can do it, let us provide the foundation for your success.

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