A Needed Addition to Your Listing Presentation Package

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Driving leads to your real estate business is the first step in gaining clients and businesses. How you do it is as varied as the people that will offer such lead generation recommendations to you.

When it’s time to meet that next home seller and present your listing package and proposal, in the hopes of signing a listing agreement, you should have a well-documented package that details the property, the neighbourhood, current and recent selling prices of comparable properties, etc.

The one document that is often missing, although always mentioned during your presentation, are the specific services you offer to your seller-clients.

You should have, as part of your presentation package, a “services provided” document that details item-by-item the activities you conduct on behalf of your client.

Much of what a real estate sales professional does happens “behind the scenes” and the client only sees the end result. It’s easy for the client to be unappreciative of the effort put forth by a competent real estate agent if they are never made aware of the effort that happens in the first place.

Add to this the fact that you maybe only one of several agents invited to have a listing presentation and you can see that if you don’t exceed the expectations of the client and allow them to easily compare the services and value you provide, your chances of not getting the listing are high.

The Simple Solution

You need to create a printed list that shows each and every service you provide to your clients. And this list should have two or three additional columns that the client can use to check off what other agents offer.

This type of service provided list allows a potential listing client to visually compare your services with competitors and often times they will use that list in front of other agents, easily putting off less competent and unprepared agents.

You work hard to generate leads and meet with sellers. Make sure your listing presentation is as strong as possible and that your fees are based on the value and services you provide.

This is how you out-perform the “common” real estate agent.