3 Reasons to Become a Realty Point Brokerage Franchisee

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Real estate sales is an industry that stands on its own for opportunity tied to effort. No one survives in this industry that doesn’t work hard and has a strong work ethic with an attitude of “I can do that!”

Entrepreneurs are driven to out-perform their competitors as they seek the:

  1. Prestige of Ownership
  2. Equity of an Incorporated Business
  3. Income Tax Strategies

Realty Point is a real estate brokerage franchisor with 3 office locations in the Greater Toronto area that allows any real estate broker the convenience of opening their own brokerage in the territory that they want to operate their business in.

Realty Point fulfills three requirements that every brokerage is regulated to manage:

  1. Administrative and accounting systems
  2. Document filing and storage
  3. Permanent office address

We also provide staff that are trained and experienced in a brokerage environment so that the daily operations of the brokerage run smoothly with little-to-no involvement from the Broker of Record brokerage owner and their sales staff.

The primary features of a Realty Point Brokerage Franchise are:

  1. Low franchise fee
  2. Low office space costs
  3. No administrative staff salary costs
  4. “Your Name First Realty Point Brokerage” naming convention

Our experienced team of real estate professionals walk step-by-step with our franchisees from the moment they decide to open a Realty Point Brokerage Franchise by helping them submit all necessary paperwork to RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) and TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board), advising them as they proceed through the steps of incorporation and bank account setup, as well as marketing materials and brokerage logos.

Once the brokerage franchisee is ready to open for business Realty Point provides the office space and staff so the new Broker of Record can hit the ground running and not have to worry about setting up and equipping office space, internet, phone service, filing systems and countless other tasks that take away from their primary role as real estate salespeople.

Find out more about how a Realty Point Brokerage Franchise can make your dream of being a real estate brokerage owner a reality.

Call 1-800-410-8516 and speak confidentially with Zia Abbas, Owner and President of Realty Point, today.