Real Estate in the News

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Real estate news stories that we’ve been following this week.

Bank of Canada warns of housing market corrections –
Are housing price corrections on the way for Canada’s hottest housing markets? The bank of Canada thinks it’s a strong possibility. Also read “Canadian house prices 35% overvalued, Economist magazine says“.

Canadian home sales climb in March –
Actual sales activity for March 2015 rose 9.5% from March 2014 levels with a rise of 4.1% in home sales in March 2015 over the previous month. Canada’s twp hotspots for homes sales, Toronto and vancouver, are driving these rising numbers. Also read “The Toronto market will land when…“.

GTA Realtors Mid-Month Resale Housing Figures –
To the mid-month of April 2015 TREB reports an increase of 3.4% for home sales over April 2014 with a 4.6% decrease of new listing for the same period.