Real Estate in the News

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Real estate news stories that we’ve been following this week.

What a $500K house looks like in Toronto –
Look at each Toronto neighbourhood and see how much hose you get for $500k. Also read “Timing the Market is Next to Impossible” and “Canadian homeownership gets more unaffordable“.

Bank of Canada survey shows oil dimming corporate confidence –
As oil goes so does Alberta. Does this also mean that Canadian business will start to suffer? Certainly confidence in the economy is slipping. Also read “Canada’s Key Lending Rate Headed To Zero, Ex-BoC Adviser Says“.

Tax time 2015: Some workplace benefits come tax-free –
Every year we present an account of how well we did the previous year to the tax man and pay our fair share. At the same time we try to limit how far our fair share digs deep into our pockets. Also read “10 ways to attract a CRA auditor’s attention“.

Toronto Housing Market May Not Join in Soft Landing –
Toronto and Vancouver are disconnected from the reality of the regional housing markets elsewhere in Canada. Population growth and change sin the home buyer age group are accelerating the housing demand in Toronto and Vancouver whereas elsewhere across Canada the current economy based on resources (oil) are greatly impacting demand and prices. Also read “Baby boomers leading the charge in luxury home purchases: report” and “Toronto home price jumps 10% in March” and “Toronto’s housing forecast according to Garth Turner, the Dr. Doom of real estate“.