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Our weekly wrapup of the important real estate news stories we’re following.

Real estate brokers defy TREB, vow to publish home sales stats –
After TREB sent Toronto brokers a letter (PDF) stating they are not to share house sale priced openly online two brokers are stating they will continue to make the information available to their email subscribers. Whether this is within the intention of the instructions sent by TREB should be revealed soon. This type of control of information by TREB may lead to a disruption in the real estate industry they do not expect. One of the brokers speaks out here.

Household debt loads reach ‘new high’ as home loans grow bigger –
Statscan reports that mortgages are making up the largest portion of household debt that has climbed 8.6% at the end of 2014. How this plays out against the hot Toronto housing market and possible Bank of Canada interest rate hikes in the future is under heavy debate by economists. Also see “IMF warns over Canada’s ‘overheated housing market’ — again” and “Canadians now owe $1.63 for every dollar of disposable income“.

High-Tech Earns High Marks with Buyers –
Paul Etherington, President of the Toronto Real Estate Board, has released his latest “Homes Magazine Column” taking aim at what home upgrades are needed to woo buyers in an ever increasing tech world. Without a doubt technology permeates throughout our lives, and those that depend on the tech to help them with everyday tasks will appreciate the tech that their potential home has ready to go. The danger here, as for considering upgrades that homeowners may do prior to putting their home on the market becomes which technology to choose out of the many options available. Do you select Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android based software for the foundation of the technology you install? And what if a potential buyer is an “Apple fanboy” but your home is “Android”?